Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's Snowing!

Since it has been so cold, I have been doing some more work on Nixon. It actually snowed in ATL this weekend, for a few minutes anyway. I guess I'll just run down the list of things I've done.

I repolished the rear wheel and polished the rear shocks, brake stay and brake rod. I reassembled the rear end and aligned the rear wheel. The new rear tire looks noticeably skinnier than the old tire.

I put installed a new tachometer cable oil seal in the tach drive unit and painted and lube the tachometer cable. I also installed a new speedometer cable that I bought. I also adjusted the position of the mufflers so they are closer together and moved the kick start lever back a bit. I think it is bent because it sticks out away from the bike a little bit and hits my leg. I will have to het it up and bend it back. I also took the front wheel apart and inspected and cleaned everything. Then I installed the new front wheel bearings I bought and packed the speedometer drive unit with grease. Then I took the front fender and fork brace apart and cleaned them. I painted the inside of the fender to keep it from rusting. The shows the primer. The final color is flat black. All I have left to do now is finish polishing the front wheel and forks and reassemble everything. I'm hoping to have it on the road by Friday when it is supposed to be 60°F.

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