Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I got one of my Christmas presents in the mail yesterday (that I bought myself) so last night, I installed it. It is a rear view mirror that attaches to the end of the handlebar, rather than inside of the hand grip. They give you a little better visibility and also give the bike that English cafe racer look I'm kind of aiming for. First I had to remove the grip by blowing compressed air under it so that I could get the plastic plug out of the end of the handlebars. Then I used the compressed air to put the grip back on. The grip is rubber and is just a little bit smaller than the bars so it doesn't need glue to stay tight. Blowing air under it inflates it slightly kind of like a balloon, and you can move it around. Then I used an exacto knife to cut a hole in the end of the grip, using the inside of the bar as a guide. All you have to do after that is stick the mirror in the hole and tighten everything down. I will have to wait until I can ride it to make the final adjustments. I also bought a couple small chrome hole plugs from Lowes that fit perfectly in the old mirror holes on the control housings. I think it looks pretty good. I chose to only have one mirror (only one is required by law).

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