Friday, November 14, 2008

Gone Fishing

Last night was spent performing the arduous task of fishing the hand control wires through the new bars. I knew it was going to be hard, but that sucked! I removed the old heat shrink from the wire bundles and re-wrapped them with electrical tape. I wrapped the big bundle for the right hand side in two separate bundles, thinking it would be easier to pull them through separately. WRONG! I ended up undoing all of that and wrapping them as one bundle.

I fed a nut through the bars that was tied to some dental floss. The floss was tied to some speaker wire. I then taped the speaker wire to the ends of the wire bundles. The left side with only 4 wires went through relatively easily. The right side with 9 wires......not so easy. In all, I made 5 attempts to pull it through. On all but the last one, the speaker wire would pull out of the wire bundle. On the third try, I was so close I could see the end of the wire bundle through the "exit" hole, but I couldn't grab it. The main problem was pulling the large bundle, that just barely fit in the tube, around the 90° corner of the clubmans.

But in the end, and after two dirty martinis, I got the wires through. Next week I will finish polishing the parts I took off and reassemble everything. I think I will borrow a camera and do a little photo shoot as well.

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