Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dry as a Bone

The Dragon - Day 2 - Part 1

We all rolled out of bed around 9 and headed next door to the BBQ place and got some breakfast.

We finally headed over to the other part of the campsite and met up with Kanticoy, Cyclefreak, Patrick, Troybilt and Beatnic.  We hung out there for awhile, drinking some more coffee until Shane had had enough and decided it was time to go on our ride.  We all hopped on our bikes and headed out and across the Dragon to Deal's Gap.

We gassed up, got some drinks and peed before heading out 28 west.

 We passed a Miata that had taken a spill and lost one of its wheels.  As I was riding I noticed the bike was pulsing as I accelerated.  I figured the chain might have too much slack in it.  We stopped at a gas station so some people could gas up and I got my tools out and tightened up my chain.  Apparently Jewbacca had the same problem.  Everyone got geared up again and we headed out.

At the next crossroads, POCPhil had to pull over because his bike died.  He quickly realized some of his wiring was grounding out and blew a fuse.  Problem was nobody had a fuse that would fit his bike.  Luckily there were some smokers among us with some foil paper.  Problem solved until we could get to Robinsville where we were headed for lunch.

We had been discussing earlier what we were going to have for lunch and it sounded like everyone wanted margaritas.  Well luck would have it that the first restaurant we saw when we pulled into town was a mexican place.  We all piled in the restaurant ready for a break.

Shortly after we settled in, POCPhil made a startling and devastating discovery.  This place had no bar.  It had no tequila.  It had no BEER!  In fact, we soon figured out we were in a dry county.  Ugh.  Well, it was probably for the best since we were going to be riding some more challenging roads.  While we were eating, DJElliot made a new fuse for POCPhil's bike out of a straw and some aluminum foil.  Is that really only rated at 15 amps?

As we were getting ready to leave, I noticed that the door to the tool box on my bike was open.  My first thought was that someone stole some stuff out of there.  But why would they do that?  And why would they only take some of the stuff?  Then I realized that I had probably left the door open the last time we stopped when I was tightening my chain.  As far as I can tell, I lost a crescent wrench, two allen wrenches and a flashlight somewhere on Hwy 143.

This was our route for the ride on Saturday......well it was the route for most of us.

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