Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plead the 5th

Last night I got my new rectifier ($3 at Radio Shack) put on and put my new (to me) tail light on. I had to modify the tail light bracket with my dremel tool to get it to fit. I spent the next two hours diagnosing some electrical issues, one of which turned out to be a loose ground wire to the tail light and rear turn signals.

I rode the bike in today so I could make sure everything was working properly before I went on a ride with Schofield tomorrow. While running some errands at lunch, the transmission started acting funny. At one point, when I tried to downshift, I felt the shift lever bobbling under my foot. After that, it would no longer shift gears. I was now cruising down Woodruff Rd stuck in 5th gear. I pulled into a parking lot to check things out. The clutch seemed to be working OK, but it would not shift. So I managed to get the bike back to my parent's house, only using 5th gear. Surprisingly, I was actually able to get the bike going from a stop in 5th gear, but it took alot of clutch work and lots of throttle. Now I get to spend the next week trying to fix this. Hopefully I don't have to pull the engine and split the case to get to the inner transmission parts. I'm also very glad this didn't happen on my ride tomorrow.

The old rectifier with the new one as well as the wiring harness I put new heat shrink on:

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