Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Retainer

Well, I was able to fix the transmission. Luckily it was very easy to fix, once I figured out what was wrong. There is a small retaining ring on the shifter shaft that holds it in position. The retainer had somehow popped out of its groove which allowed the shaft to slide out of position. The little arm at the end of the shift shaft came disengaged from the shifter drum shifting. I popped the retainer back into the groove and everything works again. I rode it to work today to see what else was going to break but everything went smoothly. I went to get Chinese for lunch and took her on the highway to see how she like to go fast. Surprisingly, I think she would cruise at 70 fairly well, it was just a bit windy, and cold. I was behind a semi for a little bit and was really getting blown around. On the way back from lunch, I got her up to 85, I think. It didn't seem like I was going that fast. I'm not sure I trust the speedometer much. I will have to have someone else go with me when I try to hit the ton to verify I did it.

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