Friday, January 23, 2009


I finally got to ride Nixon again today. I had to stop a couple times on the way to work this morning to adjust the brakes. I put them back together last night, but you can't really adjust them until you ride it. Headed out to Donaldson Center at lunch. I wanted to run a familiar route in case anything happened, I would know where I was. I stopped to make one last brake adjustment before running around Perimeter Rd. After I made the loop, stuck behind a semi for about 5 minutes, I headed south to cruise past some golf courses. I missed one of my turns and somehow ended up back in Mauldin. It was alright though, as the road was kind of curvy and there was some nice farmland to see. On my way back to the office, I decided to do a quick speed run since I had my new back tire on. I got it up to about 75 going down the long hill on Ridge Rd. My speedometer was acting a bit flaky so I'm not actually sure how fast I was going. When I crested the hill, the speed limit dropped to 30, and that's when I say the Sheriff's Office car headed my way. I had slowed down to about 50, but the freshly adjusted break quickly brought me back to 35. All in all, a good day. Nothing fell off, but the tachometer cable broke. I was expecting it because the outer casing is cracked and it kinks when you turn the wheel. Also, the turn signal indicator on the gauges stopped working when the right side turn signals were on. Probably just a loose wire. I hope to get some more riding in next week.

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