Thursday, July 28, 2011

Falling Flat

I've spent the last to weeks trying to get everything finished and all the gremlins worked out. I had to have some of the welds on the tank redone due to some pin holes. I've also been struggling with some poor idling issues. Through this process I have put about 80 miles on the bike. Last night I planned to take Nixon on a 40 mile shakedown ride to make sure everything was OK and I would make it to TN this weekend. About 3 miles into my ride, as I was turning a corner, my rear tire went flat. That was scary! I nursed it over to a parking lot and called for help. My brother-in-law showed up with a pump. The pump didn't work so he went a bought a new one. That one worked but wouldn't inflate the tire. So we put it in the back of the truck and took it home.

This morning I took the wheel to the local motorcycle shop and had him replace the tube. From looking at the tire and tube, this is the best we can figure out. When I put my new valve stem caps on, the o-ring in the cap got pushed down into the valve and was slowly letting air out. I didn't realize the tire pressure was low. When I went around the corner, the tire deformed and ripped the valve stem out of the tube causing a sudden flat.
It is now fixed, but I didn't get to take my shakedown ride. So tomorrow morning I head out to TN and with good luck, I might actually make it.

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Jake Good said...

GO GO GO! Glad to see the progress made!