Thursday, July 7, 2011

And I Want It Painted Black

Since all of the fabrication work is done and all the mods have been made to the frame, it was finally time to paint the frame.  First I cleaned all the old paint and grime off of the frame. That took a long time!  Although it wasn't necessary, I used a self etching primer on the frame to keep it from rusting and help the paint stick a little better.  Since I don't have any time or money left to powdercoat it, I sprayed it with a satin black epoxy paint.  It turned out really nice.  I also finished up the fenders which needed a little bodywork done.  With the exception of the brushed finish on the tank and seat, everything is ready for re-assembly!  Most of that will take place this weekend.  I will have some wiring modifications to make and I still have to work out the rear brake arm and shifter, but I will still hopefully be finished before the end of the month.

Fender Bodywork

The primed frame

The frame painted and drying

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