Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tanks A Lot

I got another tank. So now I have three. I'm hoping this is the one. It is a 1978 cb750f tank that I paid too much for and was apparantly sitting out in a salvage yard because the front corners are almost rusted through. Luckily that is on the bottom and can be fixed and hidden. So I stuck it on the bike to see how it looks. It is BIG! I think it is twice the size of the original, but I like it. It was obviously not made for this frame, so a couple modifications will need to be done like modifying the rear attachment bracket so it sits down over the frame rails and is level. I'm also going to get some knee dents cut in and one other trick detail that will stay a surprise. My next step is to finish up the back wheel so I can get the bike over to the welder and we can get the tank positioned properly.

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