Friday, April 10, 2009

Back in the Saddle

My Dad was gracious enough to bring Nixon down from SC last weekend so I was able to get the stock CL exhaust put on her. The rust spots on the heat shield notwithstanding, I think it looks pretty good. It sounds pretty good too. Not loud, but when I really wind it out, it is loud enough. I still need to find a removable muffler tip and I need to shorten some of the new screws I bought to attach the heat shield. Last weekend I rode her up the road to Birmingham, GA through some nice farm country, and then back down to my sister/brother-in-law's house. On the way back from there, It started raining on me, but it was pretty light, and it was only for a couple minutes.

Today, I only worked a half day, so I was working on adjusting the position of the exhaust when my wife called. She was at the nail salon with my daughter and she needed me to bring them the nail polish they were going to wear to a wedding next week. So.....I adjusted the exhaust (it was kind of sticking out a little) and tightened it up and cranked her up. The nail salon was only about 6 miles away and it was a nice ride. There were thunderstorms all around me, but it never rained on my. I did notice, however, that the front end was bouncing a bit. I think the spokes on the front wheel need to be adjusted. I think the front wheel is not true, or is out of balance. Otherwise, the only problems I had was some sputtering in the mid RPM band. I still haven't gotten the carburetors fine tuned yet, so I guess that is next.

I think the camera on my phone is starting to go. This picture is super fuzzy.

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