Thursday, March 19, 2009


I finally talked my dad into bringing Nixon down to my house in Atlanta next weekend. So I hope to get the stock CL exhaust ready to go for when it gets here. I have to finish polishing it and get some new screws that hold the heat shield on.

I also just bought a pair of rearsets on ebay for $30 shipped. I'm very excited. The rearsets are basically new footpegs that mount further back, allowing me to get my knees out of my chest when I am fully tucked in. It will hopefully be more comfortable. They came off of a 2005 Yamaha R6 that apparently went down. The end of the peg on the shifter side is broken off and the shift lever is bent. However, I'm hoping to install them so that I won't need the new shift lever. I am going to try and mount them so that I can just swing the stock shift lever around so it is pointing backwards. The shift pattern will be upsidedown, but I think I would like that better anyway. I haven't recieved them yet, but here are the pictures from the auction.

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