Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Long Distance Relationships

I recently left my job in Greenville, SC when I was able to get a job back near my house in Atlanta. It is great to be back at home all week and spend more time with my family. The only problem is that I didn't have a way to bring Nixon back with me when I moved my stuff back. So, she is still sitting in my parent's garage, cold and lonely. My dad said that he would come down to visit soon and bring her with him on his trailer. So I have been collecting some more parts and working on the stuff I do have here. I should finish cleaning the other (stock) exhaust I have this weekend and will re-assemble it when the muffler gasket I ordered comes in. The center mounting point for the exhaust is on the passenger footpeg bracket with the previous owner cut off. I am going to run it without mounting it there until I decide if I want to keep it. Then I will figure out some way to replace that mount. Probably with a P-clamp on the frame.

I have also been looking for some places to go riding around here. When I first moved to Atlanta back in '97, I lived a lot closer in to the city where there was a lot of traffic. That is why I stopped riding my old CB400t and sold it. Now I live in Roswell which is further out. In fact, if you go about 5 minutes north of me, you are in horse country. Lots of farms and back country highways. Lots of nice riding territory. I also found a restaurant near me that has a very cool hot rod 50's theme that goes well with the cafe racer style. It is called Ethyl's Diner and it is in the same building as Andretti's indoor go-karts. Last summer they had Thursday "Bike Nights" so hopefully they will do that again this year. I would be cool to get some local cafe riders to show up.

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