Monday, October 4, 2010

444 CCs of Environmentally Unfriendly

Not a whole lot to post about except I've finished the engine! All it needs is some oil and to be put back into a bike and she is ready to push me down the highway at speeds grandmothers are afraid to drive. It got a very thorough cleaning and scuffing with sandpaper and another good cleaning with some lacquer thinner. I used high heat primer and satin black to paint it. It came out really nice. I then replaced all of the bolts with new polished stainless bolts and put everything back together. My dad helped my get the pistons back on. Then I put the head on and fed the cam chain through the guides. I got the camshafts aligned and riveted the cam chain back together. I Set the valve clearances and put all of the other stuff back on. Now, if only I could find a tank.....

Priming the Bottom End of the Engine

Painting the bottom

Painting the top

The pistons and cylinders are on

Feeding the cam chain through

All buttoned up and looking pretty


Russ said...

When are the updates coming on this build? It's been too long.

Michael said...

Nice job on the engine. I can't get the slime off my CB450 to save my life!