Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Out of the Closet

I have been working a lot of overtime lately so I get home pretty late at night, too late to turn the air compressor on to finish stripping the paint and rust off of the swingarm. So, I've been working on the small parts that I could do by hand. I finished cleaning and sanding almost all of the small bits that will get the brushed finish with the exception of the motor mounts. They have a lot of rust on them and are going to require some grinding and sanding with the air tools along with the swingarm. After I got the finish how I wanted it, I cleaned the parts with denatured alcohol and then sprayed them with the high heat clear enamel I've been using. Since I'm not home when it is light out, I had to paint the parts under one of the flood lights out in the yard. On the first set of parts I painted, I wasn't in the best spot and couldn't see very well. I ended up putting too much paint on the parts and got a bunch of runs. So now I will have to sand those before I do the second coat. The other half of the parts came out very well, e. Except, I ran out of paint before I got the second coat on all of them. The picture shows some of them hanging in my closet drying. I didn't want to leave them out in the garage overnight because it is starting to get cold. Once they are all fully painted, I will cure them by hanging them in front of the space heater like I did the other parts.

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abstrait said...

Heh...dig the hanging method! Classic.

Hoping to have my 71 K4 on the road today. I'm in the usual "wait till parts come or make do and get my sorry ass on the road" quagmire. As usual, impatience rears its ugly head.

- kh