Thursday, November 6, 2008

Donaldson Center

So after this weekend's valve clearance adjustment, timing adjustment, new left spark plug and carburetor re-sync, she seemed to be running pretty well. It was a nice day yesterday so I decided to ride her into work so I could go on a nice ride at lunch. I headed out to Donaldson Center and made one loop around the perimeter road. That was pretty enjoyable so I decided to make another loop around in the opposite direction. A 1/4 mile down the road, the bike lost all electrical power. I stopped and lifted the seat to discover I had forgotten to put the battery cover back on after charging it the night before. I replaced it and the bike fired right up.

Another mile down the road, it died again. After sitting for 30 seconds, it came back to life. It did this several more times as I tried fiddling with the ignition and some other things. Then, it wouldn't come back. A nice guy on a black Hyabusa stopped to see if I needed any help. I replaced the fuse and it came back on, so he left. As soon as I hit the street again, it died. I finally figured out that the fuse was loose in its holder. I tried tightening up the clips in the holder and that seemed to fix it.....for now.

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